Rosa Santana was a stay at home mom with three daughters under the age of 4 when she moved to South Florida in 1995, and discovered yoga at her local gym. Well, she only "discovered' yoga at the suggestion of the gym owner when her aerobics instructor didn't show up. She was annoyed, but tried it. An athlete since childhood, yoga offered her something different that none of her other workouts did. It captivated her mind, and she dove into learning, going to India in 1998 to study with Yoga Master BKS Iyengar. She taught yoga around town at condos, and the JCC. As her classes grew, she realized she needed to have classes for various levels. Her students kept asking her to open a studio. 

In 2001, with no business experience, and a small business loan,  Yogarosa was born, and since then, has become the hub of Iyengar Yoga in South Florida. Yogarosa has hosted advanced yoga workshops, and has introduced yoga to hundreds of students from around the world. Students have become teachers, and many teachers have gone on to open their own studios. Rosa Santana continues to foster and share her knowledge of yoga and studio ownership with those who are interested. She continues to mentor and has guided many teachers who have become Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers.

The best part of the yogarosa community, has been her witnessing of the friendships, business connections, (one wedding), and all around good vibes that have come as a result of her wish to have a place to practice yoga.